With the economy being the way it is currently, the issue of how much we spend on anything has become fascinating. Many of us are adjusting our budgets and are trying to determine what is a necessity and what isn't. Toilet paper, for most, is a necessity.

So, how much does Texas spend on toilet paper? A Texas sized amount.

It Should Be No Surprise; We Use A Lot Of TP

There was a study recently done by the inquiring minds over at Mr. Rooter. That study sought to find out exactly how much TP we use, and how much we all spend on it. They scoured the country gathering data before tallying their multi-plied results.

First of all, the weekly average amount of toilet paper used by Americans is about the length of a blue whale.

That's a lot.

It's incredibly tough to wrap your brain around. That's just weekly. That means we're using 52 blue whales worth of toilet paper a year.

I feel gross, and I don't know why.

How Much Does Texas Spend On Toilet Paper?

Texas was in the top 10 for states that spend the most. What's interesting, is that we weren't in the top 10 for states that use the most toilet paper.

I figured on population size alone we would be near the top for use, but I was wrong.

When it comes to how much we spend, we came in at 6th in the country. We spend around $18,991.50 over our lifetime on toilet paper in the Lone Star State.

Other interesting facts are that we prefer "over" instead of "under", and you know what I mean.

Also, we're not afraid to dish out some bucks for those extra plies. Why shouldn't we be? Also, one of the main uses (other than the obvious) is "blowing your nose." That's the....second....most common use for toilet paper.

You can see the study here.

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