As my husband and I walked through a lovely neighborhood a few nights ago, we soaked in the beautiful Spring weather. We also passed by a house for sale.

I've been paying attention to the market, as I would love to jump from condo to stand-alone home, so I know how expensive and nearly impossible the market is for buyers right now.

"That house is gonna be $400K!" I said. My husband seemed shocked at my guess. He grew up in that neighborhood, and that amount seemed astronomical.

If I had somehow been on The Price Is Right, I would have won the game. It was $405,000 on Zillow.


Despite the massive increase, my hometown is one of the slowest of big U.S. housing markets to have doubled home prices. Here in Lubbock, Texas, it has taken 18.4 years. That doesn't take the sticker shock of trying to buy a house away, though.

However, if I were walking through a neighborhood in Garland, Texas, the prices would have doubled from just 7.9 years ago. That's great for anyone who had the foresight and ability to buy in Garland eight years ago.

Interestingly, both El Paso and Corpus Christi have "doubled" at a relatively slower rate than other U.S. housing markets. But again, have still doubled in under 20 years.

But it's a frustrating and heartbreaking fact for folks like me who have worked hard to get to a "comfortable" place financially, only to have the doors to a potential home slammed shut in front of them.

If I told my past self what I'd be making now, I would have jumped for joy, thinking I'd have a home, a new car, and the ability to take fabulous vacations. Poor future me would have been in for an unpleasant surprise at just how devalued that income would be in 2024.

Is there any relief in sight? Probably not anytime soon, according to Forbes:

Elevated mortgage rates, out-of-reach home prices and record-low housing stock are the perennial weeds that experts say hopeful home buyers can expect to contend with this spring—and beyond.

The Texas legislature has been working to ease the housing shortage in Texas, and here's hoping more homes can mean more affordability. I'd love to do more than just walk by my dream home.

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