Depending on who you talk to or where you get your information Texas tends to rank at the top of most studies and or surveys for having the rudest or most aggressive drivers in the United States. This brings me to my next question what can we do to be better, more courteous, and polite drivers to improve our public safety and our Lone Star PR?

While jam-packed traffic is usually the number one thing that causes drivers to lose their cool. I firmly believe distracted driving causes drivers to make mistakes forcing the other drivers around you to lose their cool.

But, I have a great idea, I firmly believe that if you put your full name and a picture of yourself on the outside of your vehicle for everyone to see, it will force you to be a better driver. I know this first hand since I drive the radio station vehicle that has not only my name and a photo of me but also where you can find me at a certain time of day.

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When someone is riding with me they will comment "You like to let people cut in front of you," or "You are a seriously nice driver." I respond, "Yeah, when your photo and your name are on the vehicle you had better play nice!"

So I'll cut to the chase, here are some tips to help you be a more kind and courteous driver. After that, you'll see the list from the "Forbes Advisor Car Insurance Study" they did that put Texas drivers on the "Top 10 Rudest Drivers List" I call my Fearless Five!

Five Texas Tips for Being a More Courteous Driver

  1. Be Kind and Courteous to All Other Drivers: Be respectful by notifying other drivers what your intentions are "use your turn signals," and allow other vehicles to merge in Lanes in front of you. Don't be an aggressive driver. Try kindness it works.
  2.  Buckle Up: Protect yourself and all other passengers by wearing your seatbelt. Safety should always be your priority
  3.  Pay Attention and Stay Focused: Concentrate on all others around you do not drive distracted put your phone away and pay attention to everyone and everything around you.
  4.  Acclimate Yourself to Your Surroundings: During good or bad weather know how to drive in various weather conditions. Alter your speed during bad weather and give everyone around you the space they need.
  5.  Obey All Traffic Signals and Signs: When coming to a stop sign or red light, stop all the way and don't do a rolling stop. Remember to give other drivers the room they need and around intersections. Source: TxDOT

I would also like to add that around parking lots pedestrians are the right-of-way and remember that handicapped parking is for those that truly are.

Below you'll find the Top 10 reasons Bing says Texans are rude drivers:

  1. Aggressive Tailgating - Texans tend to drive too closely
  2. Speeding -  Texas highways are known for high speeds
  3. Failure to Yield Right-of-Way - Texans feel entitled to the roads
  4. Cutting Off Other Drivers - Excessive Lane changing without signaling
  5. Needless Honking  - It's a Texan's way to communicate
  6. Road Rage - Texans use hand gestures, screaming, and confrontation
  7. Parking Etiquette - A lack of consideration for others parking needs
  8. Distracted Driving - Texans are either eating being entertained or on the phone
  9. Impatience - Impatience is exhibited in aggressive lane changes
  10. Lack of Courtesy - Texas drivers lack the respect to letting others merge in

Remember that not all Texas drivers fit this description, and there are many courteous and responsible drivers on the roads as well. Let’s all strive for safer and more respectful driving!

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