It's National Rum Day so, put the tequila down for a minute!

Seriously, National Rum Day is a thing and today's the day so, hit up your favorite watering hole and order something with rum in it.  Seriously, try that and see what you wind up with. Bartenders are wonderful people, they know things. (The one thing I do NOT recommend is rum shots. That won't end well, trust me.)  Here are a few ideas:

  • Rum and coke. Simple, classic.  (And, if you get an inexperienced bartender, there's virtually no way to screw it up.) You can also jazz this one up a little.
  • Mojitos. Probably my favorite rum drink but, you're going to feel that extra sugar in the morning.
  • Daquiri. The ladies love these suckers and guys, they will wreck you just as quickly. Approach with caution, they sneak up on you.
  • Hurricanes. I got freakin' obliterated on these things in New Orleans. They make the best in the world on Bourbon Street. (At least, I'm told that's where we were.)

Want more ideas?  Then click here or, you can click here and then click again on your chosen drink.  Have fun!

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