Labor Day weekend in El Paso can only mean one thing: St. Anthony's Kermes!

I love a good kermes! The games, the atmosphere and most importantly: the food! Because of the pandemic, kermes season was basically halted for the past two years.

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So, for the past two years, instead of not doing anything at all, St. Anthony's Seminary held drive thru events on Labor Day weekend and sold their legendary gorditas and enchiladas. Which actually went well- however, it definitely felt like something was missing- the entire bazaar atmosphere!

But not to worry, it looks as though this year, things will go back to normal as St. Anthony's has announced they will be hosting their traditional bazaar on Labor Day weekend!

With the word "drive-thru" no where in sight, one can assume that St. Anthony's will once again go to it's original glory and hold their kermes as usual at 4601 Hastings.

St. Anthony's Seminary kermes is a tradition for many El Pasoans, including myself. If you've never been- I can assure that the line for gorditas will be long but so worth it.


I know I'm not the only one who loves a good bazaar, last year we asked our listeners to give us their favorite kermes' in town and St. Anthony's was in the top six! With kermes season basically here, I wouldn't be surprised if other started to announce the return of their bazaars as well!

The top six, in no particular order are:

Corpus Christi Catholic Church on North Loop
San Lorenzo Catholic Church in Clint
St. George's Feast in the Middle East on Festival
Socorro Mission in Socorro
San Ignatius Loyola Parish on Park St.
and of course: St. Anthony's Seminary

So save the date and get ready to join in on an El Paso tradition!

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