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Oh how times have changed…with inflation these days the 12 days of Christmas will be a bit costly.

According to the Christmas Price Index from PNC Wealth Management the 12 days of Christmas cost has gone up by 7.7 percent.

If you bought one set of the all the gifts mentioned in the carol it would run you $27, 393 while if you added up all the repeated items, which totals to 364 items, would run you $114,651.

That amount would go up even more if you decided to buy all those items on line, for a total of $173,000.

In all reality I have no use for eleven lords a leaping but I bet you would love the 12 Days of KISSMAS where you can win all sorts of amazing gifts and prizes including $1000!

Starting this Thursday, tune in with Mike & Tricia starting at 6:40, 7:20 and 8:20, to find out the day’s prize.

Then on Friday, December 20th, caller 93 will have a chance to recite all 12 days back to Mike & Tricia.  Do it correctly, verbatim and you’ll win all 12 prizes…..including ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS AND A KISS-MAS TREE!

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