If you’ve grown up along the border than you’re most likely familiar with the story of La Llorona.

Versions abound, but they all have the same basic premise; a young woman killed her children in a fit of rage but immediately regrets her actions and throws herself in the river to die alongside them. Her ghost supposedly wanders along or nearby bodies of water condemned in the afterlife for all eternity to walk the earth searching for her children.

Is the Upper Valley along the Texas-New Mexico border one of the places she searches?

Before you roll your eyes and scoff, there’s audio of a police call you should listen to that might just make a believer out of you. The years-old recording is of a calm but clearly baffled Anthony, Texas police officer reporting his strange encounter with a woman “wearing a long, white dress” to a department dispatcher.

A copy of the call was sent to Ramiro Galvan, head investigator for Paranormal Research Investigations, in 2015.

Ma’am, I’m working at a location at 123 Los Traques. Seems to be already in New Mexico. There’s a female … seems to be covered in blood carrying a newborn … walking back and forth.

"She’s also … Ma’am just for information, she’s also wearing a long, white dress,” he adds -- almost as if his mind has made some sort of connection but he hasn't accepted the conclusion yet.

If the police officer’s description of the mysterious woman sounds a lot like that of La Llorona you're not alone in thinking that. Galvan, who partners with Mike and Tricia Mornings for our annual Halloween feature "Yo Mike & Trica Ghost Hunt My Home," thought the very same thing.

Paranormal Research Investigations: The Woman In a Long White Dress Police Recording (2015)

I expect you to doubt the authenticity of the call. It’s so easy to fake stuff this day and age. But before you discount it completely, listen below to portions of a conversation Mike & Tricia had with the dispatcher who took the call that night.

Her name is Monica Madrid, and she has no doubt that officer encountered La Llorona. And she said he's not the first.

Madrid filled us in on the background of the spooky call she took 4 years ago, and reveals what happened after the officer chased after the bloodied woman in the long, white dress.

Mike & Tricia Mornings/April 22, 2019 - Monica Madrid on That Night

Mike & Tricia Mornings/April 22, 2019 - Monica Madrid on What Happened After “Ma’am … ma’am”

Mike & Tricia Mornings/April 22, 2019 - Monica Madrid on What the Officer Told Her

Like we always say when it comes to matters of the paranormal: We Report, You Decide!

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