EPISD is investigating an incident between an Irvin High School teacher and a student that happened inside a classroom last week. The confrontation was caught on tape by a classmate and posted to Youtube on October 14, 2015.

The clip begins with the teacher ordering security to remove the unidentified student from her classroom claiming the student threw a sharpener “and hit a kid in the shoulder.” It's not made clear if the classmate she hit was the intended target, or if the student was aiming at the teacher and missed. The teacher does at one point say to the student, "you're not gonna throw nothing at me," but the context of the statement cannot be determined.

As the argument escalates, the teacher continues to drop the f-bomb while yelling at the student to “get out,” and at one point mockes the student, who then lunges at the teacher.

Irvin student Uriel Soto, who uploaded the footage to the social networking site, maintains he posted the video because “[the] student was being rude and disrespectful to the teacher," adding "thats the reason the teacher reacted like that."

In a statement released to KFOX14, EPISD said the teacher, whom they do not identify, has been reassigned to a position that does not require contact with the student body while district authorities begin the process "of authenticating the veracity of the video." No mention is made of what, if any, action was taken against the student.

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