Attorney General Hector Balderas has issued a scam alert for New Mexico after his office had received several complaints about a scam going around involving the IRS.

Imposters claiming that they are from the IRS are calling citizens in New Mexico with fake names, fake numbers and even fake badge numbers relating to those in New Mexico. They may even know the last four digits of personal social security numbers. When you do receive a phone call like this there are some red flags to keep an eye out for.

-IRS calls to inform you that you have an outstanding debt;

-IRS calls and threatens those who refuse to pay with arrest, deportation or loss of a business or driver's license;

-IRS calls and states that you must pay immediately using a pre-paid debit card or wire transfer;

-IRS calls and asks for a credit card number over the phone to pay an outstanding debt.

All these tactics are used to scare people into giving out their personal information when in reality the IRS will never call taxpayers, they always send information via mail. Any IRS scam e-mails that you receive should be forwarded to If you do receive a call like this report it immediately to this website.



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