Did you know there's a place right here in our area where you can walk along the same path dinosaurs did millions of years ago?

Giant lizards, including crocodilian-like creatures straight out of the Cretaceous period, used to call what is now Sunland Park, New Mexico home some 80 million to 100 million years ago and they left behind acres and acres of fossilized dinosaur tracks around Mount Cristo Rey.

On the first Sunday of every month, Insights El Paso Science Center tour guides will take you on a three mile hike of trails featuring prehistoric dino tracks and giant fossil beds discovered by a UTEP geology student in 2002, including massive trackways where it looks as though a herd passed through.

Tours are $15. Start times vary depending on the time of the year, and usually last several hours. You can find more details and schedule a tour online HERE.

Insights El Paso
Insights El Paso

4 Things about Dinosaurs You Didn't Learn in High School

-- Not all of them were killed by a meteor or global warming. Some were taxed to death by city government.

-- Most dinosaurs were vegetarians. And just like most vegetarians, they wouldn't shut up about it.

-- Their fossils can be found deep beneath the Earth between a layer of sediment and President Trump's approval ratings.

-- There was a little-known species called the "Kardashasaurus" that spent all its free time mating and taking selfies.

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