This incredible video was captured by a parent on their mobile phone of an inexplicable image at a little league baseball game in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua back in November of 2014.

The image was only discovered after the parent went back to view the video of their son playing at his little league game. The park, (Parque Borunda) in Juarez is less than 8 miles from downtown El Paso.

What the video reveals is some sort of thing or being that is emanating light and it seems to be curious and even tries to approach the kids playing on the field.

The ‘light being' or thing was invisible to the eye physically as the narrator of the video explains and it wasn’t until they analyzed it later with different filters that it in fact shows that something does seem to actually be on the field with the rest of the kids and adults at the game.

The mystery still has yet to be solved, what do you think it could be?