The Texas Lottery Mega Millions is at almost five hundred million bucks and if you win it and need some place to hide out, you should check out this crazy amazing home in Socorro. It's just under half a million dollars so you'll have plenty of money to spend on UberEats while you're chilling out in the lower valley.

The property at 531 Liahona Drive in Socorro is listed at $800,000 and it has everything a new lottery winner needs in a crib. There are five bedrooms, nine bathrooms, an indoor pool, and an outdoor kitchen. You can watch your favorite flicks in the movie theater and then host your hundreds of new friends at the on-site party hall. When you want to get away from it all you can buy some horses and keep them on the property because it's that big. The house alone is just over six thousand square feet. Check out the video of the house:

If you want to check out the surrounding neighborhood you can click here to see your neighbor's houses. I'm not shading anyone but I'm not sure why someone put an almost one million dollar home in this neighborhood. Just saying.

The best thing about this amazing house is that it is perfect for a big El Paso family and all the parties that we love to throw and will be able to now that restrictions are being lifted more and more each day. If you want to buy this mansion and the surrounding land you can contact the realtor by clicking here.

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