Well it's not snow that comes from the sky, it comes from a machine. Today is one of the many days where El Pasoans are finally feeling the seasonal weather, but it is also the day to get a free snowcone!

It is still not going to be cold enough to give us snow to cover all the borderland, but their is still a way you can get snow.

Bahama Bucks is hosting their annual free snow day! You can grab yourself a cup of snow, flavored or not, in case you want to make a snowball.

Treat yourself to some snow, while we can still get away with wearing shorts. If you start eating cold things during this time, people will start judging you and your insanity. Make sure to get your cold treat fix, December 5th, as Bahama Bucks gives El Pasoans the snow they are always complaining we need.

Which we don't because we can't handle it on the ground, in our cars, but we can on a spoon!

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