We might not have had a very cold winter, but chances are you are still using your heater. If you have a gas heater or any gas appliances and you smell gas, do you know what to do?

The El Paso Fire Department and Texas Gas Service say the first thing you should do is get yourself and others out of wherever you smell gas and call 9-1-1 immediately. Don't use your phone in the building where you smell gas. You'll always know if it is natural gas because you will smell a strong sulfur-like or rotten eggs odor. There are other warning signs you should look for, as well.

A few other safety tips:

1. Don't use a phone to let someone know about a gas leak. Using a phone to call or text, or using a doorbell, could be dangerous. Go to their home or business and knock on the door instead.

2. Don't use any electrical equipment such as appliances, lights, or cell or landline phones. Electrical currents could spark an explosion.

3. Don't go back into the building where you suspect the leak until after you've called 9-1-1 and are given permission either by emergency crews or an official from Texas Gas Service says it is safe to return.

4. If your natural gas has been shut off, let a qualified technician turn it back on. You might accidentally spark an explosion if you try to turn it back on.

There are a lot of other tips on the Texas Gas Service website. Check it out and keep your family safe.

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