Texas Gas Service has made about $31 million in structural upgrades in the El Paso area, and you are going to pay for them in the form of a higher monthly gas bill, beginning next month.

Texas Gas Service asked for the rate increase back in March. They offered two different rate increase proposals and El Paso City Council voted unanimously to accept the lesser rate increase. On average, that means you will be paying about $2.69 more per month. City Council could have said no to the rate increase, but there would have likely been a legal battle that could have cost both sides 2 million dollars, which, of course, you would have paid for.

You’ll see the new rate increase on your next bill because it goes into effect with the meter readings that began yesterday. Unfortunately, as with most tax and rate increases, once one entity raises their rates or taxes, everyone else falls in line.

The next bill that will likely go up is your El Paso Electric bill. EPE is looking to get a rate increase that could be between 8 percent to 12 percent. El Paso Electric says state regulators will decide what kind of increase there will be, but they are working on getting that rate hike on your electric bill.

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