Earlier this morning, Mike and I talked a little bit about Calvin and Hobbes.  It was a comic strip that ran from 1985 to 1995 and was drawn and written incredibly well by Bill Waterson.

If you never read Calvin, I recommend you google him, or run to Barnes and Noble and buy The Complete Calvin and Hobbes.  It is highlarious, poignant, sweet, and most of all, intelligent stuff.  Calvin is a 6 year old boy named after a 16th century French reformation theologian, and Hobbes, his stuffed toy tiger, was named after a 17th century English political philosopher.

Sounds like hilarity ensues all over the place, huh?

It does!  Calvin and Hobbes loved to talk about stuff like how much Calvin, supposably, hated girls:


and fun in the snow:


and even how to deal with bullies!



There are so many amazing Calvin and Hobbes comic strips, I could spend all day looking them up!  Were you a fan of C and H?  What was your favorite strip?


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