UTEP recently began teasing a HUGE announcement and El Pasoans immediately started speculating.

They were pretty much all wrong but the theories were hilarious. The University of Texas at El Paso started teasing their big announcement a few days ahead of it and finally dropped the news on December 1st.

First, the actual news: The Hunt Family Foundation gave UTEP $25 meeeeeelion dollars for a U. S. - Mexico business program.  (Any way I could get oh, say, $10 grand to start my Tequila 'n Taco stand?)

Anyway, great news for UTEP and UTEP business students but not at all what peeps were guessing on Facebook. Check these thoughts out:

  • Charles R. guessed that Elon Musk was buying UTEP.
  • Jimmy S. thought they had caught the infamous "mountain couple" doing stuff on live tv.

Careful, video is probably NSFW

  • Gaby L. went with "free parking". (LOVE That one...)
  • David C. hoped for a Whataburger in the student union.
  • Chitato M. wanted then to bring back the 90's.
  • Cesiah G. went with free tuition. (Wouldn't THAT be awesome?)

Those were just a few of the guesses posted on UTEP's Facebook page, you can read more comments here.

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I had hoped that they were going to announce that beer prices at the Don Haskins Center were going to get a little more reasonable.

Or that this years Sun Bowl halftime show would feature a good, hard rock act.

Hey, a guy can dream can't he??

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