With the New Year's Eve Holiday coming up some people will have a couple sips of champagne and not be too happy the next morning, but did you know there are ways to prevent hangovers? And they're simple! 

First I advise to please be cautious when having alcohol not to have too much and always, ALWAYS have a designated driver.

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If you do decide to make a champagne toast at midnight and don't want to feel crumby the next morning, here are some simple, logical tips.

1.) Eat Something: This may be common sense but people always forget to eat something before and during alcohol consumption. And the more starchy food you eat the better. It will absorb the alcohol and minimize hangover side affects.

2.) Take Vitamins: During alcohol metabolization, your body uses tons of your nutrients while the alcohol itself destroys essential vitamins to feel good like Vitamin B and C. You can help your liver out by taking supplements for B12 and Vitamin C about 4 hours before you are planning to sip some adult beverages.

3.) Have A Spoon Of Olive Oil: This sounds pretty gross but it works! By having the extra fat in your body it limits the amount of alcohol that is absorbed into your body and a hangover will be a thing of the past. I have found that eating bread dipped in a tasted olive oil is easier to stomach and gets the bread in you at the same time. Double up on the remedies!

4.) Don't Mix Alcohols: If you are going to have some champagne, stick to it. Don't mix beers with hard liquors and vice versa. This will minimize the crumby feeling in the morning.

There are some tips for having that midnight toast! And please once again, drink sensibly and responsibly. ALWAYS chose a designated driver!