Hurricane Harvey has made his presence in Texas.  WIth so much happening in OUR own lives we do catch the devastating news on our phones, TV, computer, and all over social media especially with animals.

So many non-profit Animal organizations are taking in many pets displaced by the Hurricane dealing with those left behind, those that were lost in those storms, or those furry babies whom need short term shelter while owners take refuge in evacuation sanctuary.  Those helping with direct contact dealing with Hurricane Harvey include Austin Pets Alive, San Antonio Humane Society, SPCA of Texas, along with Dallas Animal Services.

Our pets are a hold a HUGE part of our family, so has their wellbeing and safety.  Let's be real, even though we watch their health and LOVE'em like no other, few of us are prepared for the event of disaster.  To make things a tad easier the Humane Society of the United States brought in EASY tips on protecting your pets should life be hit with flood, tornado, fire, or even a hurricane.

#1 have PET CARRIERS available in your home so you can get your pets OUT easier!

Anything can happen before you know it.  Here is what YOU can do:

  • Be aware where your pets' HIDING SPOTS are, so you can gather them up and take them to safety.  Don't give them acess to unsafe areas cause it could be difficult to rescue your furry babies.
  • Make a Pet Emergency Kit consisting of bottled water, canned wet food/can opener, meds, photos/ownership papers of your pet in sealed water proof container, proof of vaccinations papers, gauze to bandage an injury, hydrogen peroxide, and oral dosing syringe or turkey baster for the hydrogen peroxide
  • pet bed
  • clean blankets
  • towels
  • a favorite toy
  • extra cat litter

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