Psychologist say that most families have at least 1 child whose room looks like a TOXIC DUMP and all those piles of dirty clothes and dishes, often cause major stress and on going arguments for the ENTIRE family, we've been there, so what is the SECRET to getting your teen to clear their rooms' once and FOR ALL!

Jim Faye is the co-founder of 'Love and Logic Family Institute, he says, "Nagging, empty threats, and getting angry does NOT work" so he here is his advice on getting your kid into clean up mode...

  1. Treat your teen like YOU are THEIR boss, that means ask them nicely to clean up and agree on a reasonable deadline

That's how you start...lets say Sunday night is the deadline.  Family expert Faye says, "...they are more likely to do what you ask them if you treat them with respect BUT if that does not work its time to play some HARDBALL.  It shows your teen that you are serious and your willing to take care of it if they won't.

The key is cleaning their room in away that will make them NEVER want you to get involved again.

2.  Hire a neighbor kid to clean up their room or put all their mess in TRASH BAGS and have them earn back each item by doing chores.


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