There are some people in El Paso that take advantage of each other's safety. Meanwhile, a skater dude is looking out for every driver in Horizon. Before people make comments, I know this happened a while back but wanted to put the spotlight on a kind soul.

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I wanted to highlight this moment just because a lot of people have bad images of skateboarders. But for those who do, hopefully, this shows you a different view.

Before I go any further, if you pick up other people's trash, I raise a glass to you, my friend. The Horizon City Police Department shared a special story & photos of a skateboarder, Mr. Avila.

We all should have learned by now that we share the roads. Whether it may be bikers, semis, cyclists, or even skateboarders.

Mr. Avila deeply cares for others by expressing it in a way we should all be thankful for. The Horizon City Police Department took pictures of Mr. Avila doing a good deed.

The skateboard rider cleaned off the cement debris that had been left on the road. Now if you have ever driven over cement debris then you know the outcome.

Hence, why Mr. Avila asked the officers to conduct traffic control while he cleaned it up. Now, this is the kind of humanity the world needs more than ever.

For someone to dedicate their time and especially their own safety, says a lot. I just hope Mr. Avila comes across this story so I can personally say, thank YOU for caring.

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