I've never tried to fry a turkey. My brother-in-law swears that it is the best and only way to eat a turkey on Thanksgiving, but for me, I prefer an oven-roasted bird. But if you want to fry your turkey for Thanksgiving, there are a few things you need to know.

First, make sure your turkey is completely defrosted. If the bird is at all frozen, the hot oil and frozen parts will make a turkey bomb, and while that might sound like a lot of fun, it isn't and you could have the towering inferno on your hands.

Next, never, never set up a turkey fryer indoors. You need to be outside, on a concrete surface with no vegetation or flammable items nearby.

Last, make sure you watch this video. It's a couple of minutes and afterward you'll be a turkey-frying wizard.

Happy Thankgiving!

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