The world is watching and anxiously waiting for the highly anticipated birth of the Royal Baby. Although Kate Middleton has been in labor for over 8 hours now, it’s not too late to call your friends and family over to your humble abode for a luxurious Royal Baby afternoon tea watch party. What better way to ring in the news of this momentous occasion than a splendid tea and crumpets?

Afternoon tea became fairly common in the early 19th century after Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford, fashioned a pot of tea and a light snack as a solution to the long gap between breakfast and dinner, usually served around 8 p.m. The practice quickly evolved into a social gathering which was typically set in the drawing room with a wide array of tiny savories, pastries, scones, and of course, tea. Nowadays, afternoon tea has become a quintessential English ritual that is enjoyed as an occasional indulgence or as a celebration of a special event.

Cue the Royal Baby.

Time is certainly ticking, so you must make haste if you have any hope of perfectly executing your very own Royal Baby afternoon tea watch party. Follow these 3 easy steps and you will be well on your way to the most elegant tea party imaginable fit for a future King or Queen.

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    The Invite

    Since time isn’t on your side, you can safely abandon the lovely, delicate mail invites and alternatively opt with the easiest invitation you will ever send – a text message. While it isn’t the most appropriate form of an invite, the lack of formality is definitely excused. After all, we’ve got a baby on the way!

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    The Catering

    Scones, cakes, and macaroons are absolute staples, so run on over to the nearest bakery and stock up on every sweet piece imaginable. In addition, finger sandwiches such as smoked salmon on pumpernickel or goat cheese and watercress on cinnamon-raisin bread make the perfect addition to your tea table.

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    The Dress Code

    This is the most important step to your successful Royal Baby afternoon tea watch party. While we can excuse the lack of formality in the invites, under no circumstances whatsoever shall the dress code be compromised. A tea party is one of the most sacred events as it reminiscent of former days when people would go at lengths to present themselves in a well-mannered fashion. Ladies should accessorize their semi-evening style gown with pearls, bracelets, brooches, and a light silk scarf. While a bold, brightly-colored church hat is not necessary, it is highly encouraged. Men should wear nothing short of an immaculate pastel suit with a hint of confidence and style.

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