As the world becomes obsessed with the latest Netflix series, 'The Witcher' I have brought back the nightmares of my missed opportunity to meet the star of the show, Henry Cavill.

Back in 2015, I had the opportunity to attend San Diego Comin-Con. With the help of some amazing people, including former KTSM weatherman Mark Mathis and station friend Norma Munoz, I flew out and stayed three days in nerd heaven.

Once my Comic-Con adventure was done, I met up with my family at Coronado Beach to drive back to El Paso.

This was the day that haunts me every night.

During a relaxing beach day, my mother and I had to head to the Coronado beach restrooms. We did not expect to run into anyone famous so we were incredibly shocked when Henry Cavill aka Superman magically appeared in the beach resort lobby. He wasn't there when we went into the restrooms, which would have given us some time to compose ourselves to ask for a photo.

We realized this was Henry Cavill once we walked by him, as he took photos with other fans. The embarrassing moment came when we ended up walking right in from of him and just staring at him, with our heads practically turned all the way around like Regan from 'The Exorcist.'

My mother and I babbled to each other in shock, while walking back to our spot, with Mr. Cavill still behind us. All we kept saying was, 'Is that Superman?" "Should we ask for a photo?" "Why is he so beautiful?!"

Ultimately, Mr. Cavill turned to head up some beach cabana stairs while us peasants attempted to gather our emotions as we headed back to sit on the beach.

I beat myself up every time I see Mr. Cavill on the big screen or any screen. Even ads. I can't believe I missed him when he was here in El Paso filming 'Batman vs. Superman,' and I hate myself for that beach experience.

Sometimes you only get one shot, as Eminem taught me in '8 Mile' and I feel I missed my shot to tell Mr. Cavill how amazing he is. If ANYONE and I mean anyone has a connection to help me get rid of the nightmares that haunt me from my missed opportunity, please help a girl out. As 2020 begins, I want to set a goal to not be intimidated by such a beautiful man and finally meet him.

Trust me, I will be on my deathbed and it will be my biggest regret. If you are out there Witcher aka Mr. Cavill, I will toss you a coin.

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