With local leaders discouraging El Pasoans from partaking in traditional Halloween activities due to the coronavirus’ resurgence, and with pretty much all of the planned Halloween community events canceled, Halloween 2020 was a little different for most of us.

Long lines at haunted houses, costume contests for the sexiest this and the scariest that at bars and nightclubs, and kids going door to door demanding homeowners fill their bags with handfuls of chocolate candies was mostly non-existent.

Instead, families hunkered down in the relative safety of their own home and celebrated the end of the spooky season responsibly with scary movie marathons, decorations, baked goods, family costume nights, and other creative ways.

Proving that with some planning and imagination, Halloween could feel a little normal this year -- even with the scary pandemic disrupting our lives. Here’s hoping you had a fun, spooky and safe Halloween.

Halloween 2020: Pandemic Didn't Stop El Paso From Celebrating

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