Move over Kim Kardashian, this is better with hotness and cuteness all rolled into one.

Over the weekend a Pet Safe haven in Melbourne uploaded a picture to their Facebook Page of a new dad adopting his new dog baby. The pup was a cute lab but that wasn't what the internet was going crazy about.

The hotness of his new owner is what made the ladies go wild. The pic quickly had over 17,000 likes and over 1,500 shares within hours. The new dad and happy pup broke the internet as it went viral.

Women were posting where they could adopt the owner and he has been flooded with friend requests and phone number requests. But sorry ladies hes taken. In fact his new fiance posted a picture in the thread with her engagement ring along with the caption, "sorry ladies he put a ring on it! haha!"

Facebook: Alisha Howell
Facebook: Alisha Howell

He is a hottie and I'm sure the dog was appreciative.



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