As many El Pasoans celebrate Earth Day by going to Farmer's Markets or sharing a Facebook graphic, the Horizon City Police department decided to share a photo of some local trash in the desert.

As someone who drives around the Far East side a lot, it always surprises me to see the weirdest things in the desert. From tires, mattresses, and even couches, residents don't seem to mind using the desert as their personal dumpster.

On Earth Day 2019, we see a positive message from the Horizon Police Department about their area, that lectures residents but also gives them hope. I appreciate beauty in the photo that comes from the sunshine, as that little slice of positivity from a trash cake that is the desert area of Horizon.

Many of the comments on the original Horizon City Police Department post feature what seems to be many upset residents who can't believe people are still doing this since it has been going on forever. Hopefully, this post can ignite a change in residents mentality about how to get rid of their trash.

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