WATCH BRITNEY SPEARS GIVE PAULY D A LAP DANCE: BRITNEY SPEARS has been known to give her version of a lap dance on her current tour, and, last week in Montreal, opening act DJ PAULY D from "Jersey Shore" was the lucky recepient of one ...

Ok, technically, it was more of a pole dance followed by a ride on his shoulders with her legs around his head, but either way, lucky guy.

COULD BE TRUE COULD BE CRAP - 'JACKASS' REASON FOR JAMES/VON D BREAKUP: The "Star" tabloid is claiming that JESSE JAMES dumped KAT VON D because he thought she was getting all smoove up in "Jackass" team member BAM MARGERA.

Their source says that because "Jesse lives in Austin and Kat's based in L.A." there's "always a lot of fuel to fire up Jesse's jealous nature." It allegedly didn't help matters that Bam's visit ended up being a sleepover. According to the source, quote, "Bam went over to Kat's L.A. home to hang out and talk, and he ended up spending the night. Jesse found out and questioned her about it, and Kat let slip something about how 'Bam just can't sleep alone.' Jesse hit the roof when he heard that and accused Kat of cheating on him."

CELEBRITY COURT - OKSANA WANTS $500K FOR "TRAUMATIZED" SON: Oksana Grigorieva has made it clear she wants MEL GIBSON to pay through the teeth in their continuing custody war.

Grigorieva told a family law judge Friday that she wants Gibson to fork over half-a-million dollars for "traumatizing" her 14-year-old son during their now infamous fight in 2009. Oksana is sticking by her original claims that during the argument Mel knocked out two of her teeth, and taunted and frightened her son so badly he hid under the bed.

KIM KARDASHIAN SHOWS US HER PICS: If you watch "Keeping Up With The Kardashians", you know that Kim was recently diagnosed with psoriasis. At first, Kim was really upset but lately it seems as if she’s come to terms with it. In fact, she tweeted a picture of a heart-shaped psoriasis patch on her arm over the weekend ...

WEDDING BELLS: Two "View" co-hosts have gotten married -- but not to each other. SHERRI SHEPHERD married her fiance, Lamar Sally, Saturday in Chicago. Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Niecy Nash were bridesmaids. Sherri's 6-year-old son walked her down the aisle.

Her View co-host, JOY BEHAR, did not attend because she was on her honeymoon. Joy wed her boyfriend of 29 YEARS(!!!) Thursday in New York. As for details, Joy's rep says, quote, "She will discuss it on September 6th on 'The View' when the show returns for the 15th season."

2. "Dancing With the Stars" co-host BROOKE BURKE and former "Baywatch" stud DAVID CHARVET married in St. Barts on Friday.

Brooke has had him on lay-away the last five years, but finally decided to make THE BIG MISTAKE. The couple already has a son and daughter together. (Brooke also has two daughters from a previous marriage.)

3. TARA REID married Danish businessman Michael Lilleund in Greece on Saturday. How's this for an extremely short engagement: just hours before exchanging vows, the American Pie actress tweeted, "I just got engaged!"

Then, a few hours later, she followed it up with, quote, "Just got married in Greece. I love being a wife." The two met in November.

BABY POOP: JESSICA ALBA and husband Cash Warren have a new daughter. Jessica gave birth to Haven Garner Warren on Saturday. According to Alba's Facebook post, Haven "weighed 7 lbs and was 19 inches long."

2. TINA FEY gave birth to a baby girl last Wednesday and named her PENELOPE ATHENA. This is the second child for Tina and her husband, who also have a 5-year-old daughter with the much-more-traditional name of Alice.

3. HILARY DUFF is going to be a mom! The 23-year-old and her hockey-star husband made the announcement yesterday, which also happened to be their first wedding anniversary.

4. There's a baby on the way for former "Without a Trace" star ROSELYN SANCHEZ. "I have great news!," Roselyn announced via her Facebook page Friday, "[husband] Eric [Windter] and I are expecting our first baby!"

5. Matt Bellamy tweeted this picture Sunday of his fiancee KATE HUDSON snuggling with their new son, Bing Hawn Bellamy ...

ROMANCE REPORT: HEATHER LOCKLEAR and JACK WAGNER are now officially engaged. The pair have dated on-and-off over the years, but have been together steadily since 2007.

PHOTOS - ASHTON KUTCHER'S MASSIVE TRAILER: Over the last couple of weeks you may have heard about the trailer ASHTON KUTCHER is kicking back in between filming "Two and a Half Men" scenes. Well now we have pictures to corrabarte reports of just how sweet he's got it.

The trailer - which quite frankly is nicer than my house - is 53 feet long and 1,100 square feet. It's got two floors, a living area, two bathrooms, a kitchen with granite counter tops and a conference area. There are seven, 60-inch 3D TVs throughout and a wireless, touch-screen remote control for heat, air conditioning, lighting and window blinds. Word is it costs $8,750 a week to rent! No word on who's footing the bill.

'DANCING' RUMORS AND DENIALS: TMZ is reporting that SNOOKI, QUEEN LATIFAH and TIFFANI THIESSEN will be joining the cast of next season's "Dancing With the Stars". All three, however, are denying it. Over the weekend, Queen Latifah's rep told E! that she, quote, "will not appear" on "Dancing with the Stars", and Tiffani's rep told TMZ that she in not involvemed with the show.

And although Snooki's peeps say it ain't so, she recently told "Access Hollywood", quote, "if I do [get asked], dude, I'm bringing the fist pump to the floor." Earlier this year, Snooki mocked THE SITUATION for doing it. She said, quote, "I feel like 'Dancing with the Stars' is for...people whose careers are over, [if] your career has never been hotter, why would you do it?"

For what it's worth, TMZ seems to be sticking to their guns. The official cast will be revealed during the August 29th episode of "Bachelor Pad".