USHER SLAPS RESTRAINING ORDER ON STALKER 'WIFE': A 26-year old woman who claims she is married to USHER is now barred from being anywhere near the him after he obtained a restraining order against her, TMZ reports.

The last straw was when Darshelle Jones-Rakestraw showed up at his front door last Friday, June 23, to “harass” him and his family. Cops were called and they told Rakestraw not to return to the property. But she came back the very next day and tried to convince officers that she was Usher’s wife. Usher hopes to make the temporary restraining order permanent at a future hearing.

IS MILEY CYRUS ALREADY MARRIED???!!!: Is 19-year-old MILEY CYRUS already married?! Here's why I ask:

While Cyrus’ man LIAM HEMSWORTH was accepting the Film Breakthrough Award for his performance in ‘Hunger Games’ at the Australian in Film Awards last night Wednesday night, he spoke about meeting the soon-to-be Mrs. Hemsworth while filming ‘The Last Song’ and said, “And now we’re married.” His exact quote was, “I was fortunate enough to get called back in to read with my now fiancée, who I recently got engaged to … and we read together and fell in love and now we’re married.”

He was quick to clear up any misunderstandings, though. “Well not married, yet,” he added. And Miley was quick to yell out from her seat an excited, “We will be!” to which Liam agreed, “We will be.”

SPLITSVILLE - POPULATION EVA LONGORIA: EVA LONGORIA is single again. Us Weekly reports that Longoria has split from Eduardo Cruz -- again.  The two ended their year-long romance back in March, but reunited in the spring. Now, however, sources close to the couple say they're done ... for good this time.


KELLY OSBOURNE ADMITS SHE GOT WASTED ON FLIGHT: Rather than issue the usual denial, KELLY OSBOURNE is CONFIRMING a tabloid report which claimed she got wasted on a recent flight to Atlanta.  Osbourne admitted to RadarOnline that, yes, she turned to alcohol on the flight to cope with upsetting news about her brother Jack's recent Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis.

Osbourne's public intoxication is controversial because she previously battled substance abuse and spent time in rehab. Commenting on the situation, Kelly told the gossip site, quote, "I have the occasional drink. I will never lie about that. That's my choice that I make and I'm an adult and I have to be responsible for my actions."

BRIAN AUSTIN GREEN SHOWS US HIS TWEETS: After releasing a bunch of Hawaiian vacation photos featuring MEGAN FOX'S baby bump, Brian Austin Green coyly Tweeted "Thank you everyone. We are so happy."  He then followed up that one with this one: "By the way that last tweet does not confirm or deny anything :)" No, Brian, the awkwardly-staged photo of you kissing her Buddah belly does.