TRAGIC WEEKEND FOR ASHLEY GREENE - DOG DIES IN CONDO FIRE: The West Hollywood condo of "Twilight" star ASHLEY GREENE burned down on Friday after a lit candle was left unattended overnight.  (PHOTO)

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Ashley, her brother and her boyfriend escaped unharmed, but, sadly, one of her two dogs didn't make it. TMZ says they were all sleeping when the fire broke out at around 9:00 A.M. Everyone ran out of the house before realizing the dogs were inside. Firefighters were able to rescue one of the dogs, but the other died under a bed. Three other residents in the building suffered injuries, but none needed to be hospitalized. Word is condo will have to be gutted and rebuilt so this was a pretty serious fire.  (PHOTO)

Here are a couple of pics of Ashley's dogs. The first one is Marlo. Theo is the other one. It's not known at this time which one didn't survive.


RIHANNA LEAVES HIGH SCHOOLERS HANGING FOR OVER 3 HOURS: A Chicago high school won a contest in which students had to produce and send a video about the volunteer and community service work they do. The prize was a visit from RIHANNA.

That visit went down this past Friday, but according to varying media reports, Rihanna was somewhere between three and a half to five hours late. And when she finally got there, she only stayed for 16 minutes before jetting off to get ready for a concert. No word from RiRi or her peeps as to why she left the 2,500 kids sitting around waiting on her for so long, but a Tweet prior to her arrival points to heavy traffic as the reason for the delay.


ROMANCE REPORT - MILEY CYRUS/ LIAM HEMSWORTH REUNITE: Seems rumors of MILEY CYRUS and LIAM HEMSWORTH'S breakup have been greatly exaggerated. According to People magazine, since Liam returned to the States Wednesday night, the "two have been inseparable." The source adds, "They are together, and will continue their wedding plans."

LOHAN LUNACY: LINDSAY LOHAN can put at least one legal problem behind her. Linds will not face charges for her arrest in that New York City nightclub brawl with another woman -- Lohan was accused of punching the woman inside Club Avenue back in November. TMZ says the Manhattan D.A.'s Office won't seek prosecution, mainly because witnesses have refused to cooperate.

In other LoHo news ... Lindsay continues to get her drink and her party on. In fact, just hours after her court date Monday, she was allegedly knocking back vodka sodas at the bar of her Beverly Hills hotel.

In addition, over the weekend she was at a San Diego nightclub with a friend, where she sat in the VIP section ordering vodkas all night. According to TMZ, she was careful to ask for her booze to be delivered in a glass carafe, this way nobody could tell she was drinking alcohol. Then, last night, Lindsay hit up a club in Santa Monica with a couple of pals, including her rumored new man, Avi Snow. LoHo was there to watch Avi's band play. (PHOTO)(PHOTO)

Despite all her troubles ... Lindsay still managed to score a nice paycheck -- and an overseas trip -- before she heads to rehab. She's headed to Brazil this coming week to make a few appearances to promote a clothing line. Lindsay reportedly scored a low six-figure payday for the deal.

BABY POOP: FERGIE debuted her growing baby bump Saturday night at the Kids' Choice Awards in Los Angeles. Try not to stare at her dress too long though. It might cause seizures.

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JESSICA SIMPSON was rocking her baby bump over the weekend too. Jess, who was in Charlotte, North Carolina, doing a promo tour of her maternity wear, also showed off Maxwell.

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ROMANCE REPORT - BRITNEY SPEARS OFFICIALLY DEBUTS NEW MAN: BRITNEY SPEARS was photographed holding hands with her new man, David Lucado, at a mall in Thousand Oaks, California over the weekend, announcing to the world she’s over what’s-his-name.

The gossip site TMZ says the two have been dating for weeks – they were also spotted having dinner together on Valentine's Day -- but this is their first real public display of affection. (PHOTO)

Unlike previous husbands/boyfriends/fiancées, this David guy doesn’t have any show biz ties. He’s from Atlanta and works for a law firm as some kind of gopher type.