THE SCHWARZENEGGER 'LOVE CHILD' SCANDAL: Here's the latest ... TMZ is reporting Arnold's love child baby mama was used to go to MARIA SHRIVER for "love advice," and even sought counsel from Maria while she was secretly pregnant with Arnold's child!!!

And if that wasn't bad enough, another source claims that when Maria wasn't home, Patty and Arnold would do the giggity-giggity in Arnold and Maria's marital bed!!!

2.) Meanwhile, the "Star" tabloid claims that contrary to reports, Arnold did not voluntarily confess to Maria about the so-called lovechild. He did so only after Maria confronted Patty about the child's paternity. After Patty admitted to the affair, Maria went to Arnold who was then forced to admit his infidelity.

3.) Just like they did with JESSE JAMES and TIGER WOODS before him, the alleged mistresses are starting to pile up. Yesterday we told you Number Three had emerged. (--She's the one who has hired Gloria Allred to represent her, although it's still not clear for what exactly.) Today, we have a picture of Gigi Goyette ...

Gigi, who's  52 years old now, had her alleged hook ups with Arnold  in the '70s and early '80s. Then they lost touch, but started getting all smoove up with each other again in 1989, three years after Arnold married Maria! Gigi then came knocking again in 2003 when Arnold was running for governor. He supposedly paid her $20,000 to keep quiet about their relationship.

Tammy Tousignant, for those keeping score, is Number Two. She's the flight attendant pictured below who some claim Arnold knocked up in the early '90s. Their alleged love child graduated from high school last year.

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