ROMANCE REPORT - LILO BACK WITH SAM RO???: LINDSAY LOHAN hasn't just returned to acting -- she's back to canoodling with her old flame Samantha Ronson. Linds was spotted getting close with her ex at a New York hot spot earlier this week and, according to X17online, "didn't care who saw them." The eyewitness told the gossip site the two were, quote, "whispering and laughing" and even left the club hand in hand. "It was just like the old days -- they couldn't get enough of each other!"


But then the following night, Lindsay was out and about with rumored boyfriend Vikram Chatwal. He's the hotel billionaire she was seen making out with last year.

COULD BE TRUE, COULD BE CRAP - KIM KARDASHIAN BEING PUSHED TO MARRY KANYE: Radar Online claims KRIS JENNER is pushing KIM KARDASHIAN to marry KANYE WEST. On TV, of course. According to their source says, quote, "She has already told Kim that if they make it down the aisle they are going to do it on camera again; there's just too much money to be made." Kris is also said to be stoked that Kim has hooked up Kanye, because, quote, "she can see their celebrity stock and wealth rising by the day."

KIM KARDASHIAN SHOWS US HER TWEETS: KIM KARDASHIAN tweeted a picture of herself in SCOTT DISICK'S new chrome Audi R8. It's a pretty sweet-looking ride, but that's not what many of her Twitter followers were focused on.


If you look in the background, just above the car on the right side of the photo, it looks like there's a creepy ghost girl standing there!!! Enough of  Kim's followers noticed and pointed it out. because Kim tweeted an explanation later.  Quote: "It's a cardboard cut out of Kourt when she was little. Lol No ghosts here!"

BOBBY BROWN REVEALS WHAT HAPPENED AT WHITNEY HOUSTON'S FUNERAL: BOBBY BROWN'S interview with MATT LAUER on Today continued yesterday and in this intimate chat, Bobby disputed reports that he was not welcome at WHITNEY HOUSTON'S funeral.


"That's not the type of family the Houston family is. They are a great family and I appreciate them very much." As to why he left early -- and reportedly in a huff -- Brown said it was because "security...asked me to have my what they called my 'entourage,' which was my children, sit somewhere else." Brown adds, "After the third time coming to me, I felt a little disrespected. I decided it would be best if I just left."

BABY POOP: SELMA BLAIR was spotted taking son Arthur Saint Bleick to a playdate yesterday afternoon, and from the looks of it she's back to her pre-baby body. Peep the Selma and the baby HERE.

SPLITSVILLE - POPULATION 'THE BACHELOR' HOST: The Bachelor host CHRIS HARRISON is about to become a bachelor himself. Chris and his wife Gwen have announced their separation after 18 years of marriage. The couple has two young children together.

IS LEANN RIMES THE REASON BRANDI GLANVILLE LOSES FULL-TIME HOUSEWIVES OFFER???: BRANDI GLANVILLE’S dreams of being a full-fledged Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member have come to a screeching halt thanks to her ex.


Radar online reports that Bravo had initially planned to bring Brandi on full-time this season, but her offer was pulled after her ex EDDIE CIBRIAN and his current wife LEANN RIMES wouldn’t let Brandi’s kids appear on camera.


“Bravo wanted her to have her kids on the show in order to expand story lines,” claims a source. “But Leann and Eddie wouldn't allow it. Eddie said they did not want the children on camera on a regular basis. So Bravo said that Brandi would have to stay a ‘friend' and not become an official ‘housewife.’" Monsters! How dare they steal our joy!!!

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