JESSE JAMES ANSWERS THE 'WHO WAS BETTER SANDRA OR KAT' QUESTION: SANDRA BULLOCK'S ex, JESSE JAMES, has been going around plugging his new memoir, and yesterday, hit up a few media outlets. One of them being "The Howard Stern Show".

Not surprisingly, the "shock jock" wanted to concentrate on the sexual aspects of Jesse's life, and asked the obvious question: Who's better in bed, Sandra or current girlfriend, KAT VON D? Jesse replied it was "an easy no-brainer," adding Kat is, quote, "100 percent" better.

Meanwhile ... In an interview that aired last night on ABC's "Nightline", he gave the impression he's tired of being the villain. "Just because I cheated on my wife and got busted for it, and it became a whole media (crap)storm, it doesn't mean that I'm not valuable. I'm sorry it happened. I'm sorry it went down the way it did, but I forgive myself and now I can move on."

When asked if he thought it hurt Sandra that he moved on so quickly, Jesse said he couldn't worry about that anymore. Adding,"I think I've spent a good chunk of the last five or six years worrying only about her, and what she thinks and what I should do and like, you know, controlling all my movements and everything else. It's time to worry about Jesse, and making sure Jesse is happy."

One more thing about the "Nightline" interview: Jesse says he moved to Austin to be near Sandra so that his daughter Sunny could still have a relationship with her, but Sandra hasn't seen Sunny in months, and added he has no relationship with baby Louie.

WHO'S THE CELEBRITY CUTIE PATOOTIE???!!!: It's hard to keep up with this Cutie Patootie ...

Scroll down to the "bottom" for the answer!

JENNIFER ANISTON COULD BE TRUE COULD BE CRAP: A film crew member claiming to have had a secret relationship with JENNIFER ANISTON has come forward telling all to Star magazine!!!

The guy’s name is Brian Bouma, and he tells the tab SHE did the pursuing while on the set of the 2008 movie “Love Happens”. After the movie wrapped, he says she invited him to Los Angeles and he accompanied her to best friend Courteney' Cox’s Oscars party in Beverly Hills.

Sadly, for him, the hook up came to an end a few months later because of her preference for bad boys. (-- Jennifer went on to date JOHN MAYER on and off before he ended things in late 2008.) Here’s a pic of Brian and Jen leaving Courteney's home after the Oscar’s party in 2008 …

ROMANCE REPORT - TONY ROMO IS GETTING MARRIED: Dallas Cowboys quarterback TONY ROMO will marry girlfriend CANDICE CRAWFORD -- sister of "Gossip Girl" star CHACE CRAWFORD -- May 24th.

BABY NEWS - MARIAH'S TWINS HAVE NAMES!!!: You can stop guessing now. A day after hinting at her twins' names, MARIAH CAREY's rep issued a statement announcing the girl's name is Monroe, and the boy's is Moroccan.

You can hit up this link to find out the stories behind the names.

ANOTHER CHAPTER IN THE MAD MEL MAYHEM CLOSES: In a surprise move yesterday, MEL GIBSON'S baby mama, OKSANA, has dropped her domestic violence allegations against him.

TMZ says she dropped the civil case to allow her to communicate with Mel on a more personal level, which she hopes will help get their nasty custody case settled.

This doesn't affect the outcome of Mel's recent criminal case which had Mel pleading no contest to a misdemeanor battery charge back in March. The three years probation and one year of anger management counseling he was given then stands.


It's KIM KARDASHIAN!!! Pictured here on the beach in Puerto Mita, Mexico recently with her baller boyfriend KRIS HUMPHRIES ...

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