THIS JUST IN - "'DEM BABIES" HAVE NAMES!!!:  We told you this morning how MARIA H CAREY had teased us earlier via Twitter that the names of her and NICK CANNON'S twins began with the letter "M". 

And now thanks to  the singer’s official website we know their full names:  Moroccan Scott Cannon and Monroe Cannon. (--Nick's middle name is Scott. They chose not to give daughter Monroe a middle name since Mariah doesn't have one.)

According to her rep, their daughter's name is an homage to Marilyn Monroe as Mariah has always thought of the Hollywood icon as her inspiration.

The boy's name, Moroccan, was chosen because the top tier of Carey's Manhattan penthouse -- decked out with Moroccan-inspired decor --  is called the Moroccan Room,  and because Morrocco was the place where Nick proposed to her. Now we await the baby pictures! Oh, and by the way, this is the babies new digs. Pimp, huh?



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