SEE PHOTOS OF JENNIFER ANISTON’S HUGE ENGAGEMENT RING: Nearly two months after JENNIFER ANISTON said "yes" to JUSTIN THEROUX, she's finally rocking the bling in public. And it's HUGE!

Kevin Winter, Getty Images

Paparazzi caught Aniston and Theroux on a walk in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Saturday and were able to snap a pic of the diamond, which covers half her finger.  Check it up close HERE, and HERE.

COULD BE TRUE, COULD BE CRAP - KIM K'S EX KNOCKS UP HIS KIM K LOOK-A-LIKE GIRLFRIEND: "In Touch Weekly" is claiming that Miami Dolphins running back REGGIE BUSH has done knocked up his KIM KARDASHIAN look-alike girlfriend.

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Lilit -- who not only resembles Kim, but is also of Armenian descent -- is reportedly due in April. Word is the pregnancy wasn't planned, but they're supposedly both excited about it.

COULD BE TRUE, COULD BE CRAP - KIM KARDASHIAN 'VERY UPSET' OVER PREGNANCY: Radar Online is reporting that Kim Kardashian is devastated by the Reggie Bush-is-gonna-be-a-daddy news.  According to Radar's source, Kim has always thought of  Reggie as her one true love and always believed they’d eventually get back together and live happily ever after.

Their source adds that she “feels it is a slap in the face that Reggie would [have] a baby with this woman when he wouldn't with her." Kim supposedly wanted to marry Reggie and pop out a bunch of kids with him, but "Reggie...thought [she] placed too much of a priority on her fame...and...wanted none of it.”

CELEBRITIES WITHOUT MAKEUP - BROOKE SHIELDS: BROOKE SHIELDS needed a shot of caffeine stat and hit the streets of NYC in search of a cup of coffee, makeup be damned! Of course, a paparazzo was there to snap a picture of her all naked face and stuff. (PHOTO)

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Jason Merritt/Getty Images

WHAT'S WRONG WITH MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY?!: MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY has lost a ton of weight and isn't looking too good these day.

Michael Buckner/Getty Images

The photo above was taken August 15, and he looks even worse now.  Scroll down to the end to find out the story behind Matt's extreme weight loss.

'IDOL' SOURCES SAY MARIAH/MINAJ FEUD THE REAL DEAL: Ever since the MARIAH CAREY / NICKI MINAJ feud went viral last week, many on the World Wide Web of Celebrity Speculation have wondered if it’s some kind of publicity stunt. Well, according to an on-set source, not only is their beef "very real," but they were sent home from auditions in Baton Rouge this past weekend -- a week earlier than planned -- to give everyone a chance to "cool down."

The source adds that Nicki is the main problem. She supposedly "brings a negative vibe to the show," while Mariah is more of a pro who "holds her breath when Nicki goes on a rant." TMZ says the "cool down" period is expected to last through the month, before the judges reconvene in November to do more auditions.

SPLITSVILLE - POPULATION DANNY DEVITO AND RHEA PERLMAN: The shortest couple in Hollywood, DANNY DEVITO and RHEA PERLMAN, are separating after 30 years of marriage. There's no word why.

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Danny and Rhea joined their tiny little hands in matrimony back in 1982, after living together for 11 years. They have three children together.

On a related note … here's a scene from a 'Family Guy' episode that spoofed DeVito proposing to Perlman :

KATY PERRY SHOWS US HER PICS - TWEETS PRESIDENTIAL NAILS: There’s no question which candidate KATY PERRY is supporting in the upcoming presidential election. In addition to performing for the commander-in-chief at a fund raiser over the weekend, Perry Tweeted out this pic of her custom presidential mani …


MCCONAUGHEY’S EXTREME WEIGHT LOSS: Matthew McConaughey is nothing if not fully committed to his next role as AIDS victim Ron Woodroof in the upcoming movie “The Dallas Buyer’s Club”. How committed? He’s already lost 30 pounds for the role. Check out how emaciated he looked as he was photographed leaving church with his mother on Sunday. (PHOTO)