DID TAYLOR SWIFT AND HARRY STYLES BREAK UP BECAUSE TAYLOR WAS A PRUDE?!: Today's edition of "Why TAYLOR SWIFT and HARRY STYLES broke up" is courtesy of Radaronline and what I'm sure are its impeccable sources.

According to the site, Harry grew tired of Taylor not being as big a horn dog as he is. Says one source, "Taylor is so concerned that the public will think she's a whore because she dates around, that she doesn't put out." A contradictory source, however, claims Taylor did put out, but not as often as Harry would like. Quote, "It's no secret he's sexually active...but Taylor just wasn't up for it as much as he is. They were sexually incompatible."

I can see that. She comes off as more of a romantic than a sexual minx and you can hear it in her songs. And that ain't going to satisfy an 18-year-old dude in a popular boy band.

TAYLOR SWIFT SHOWS US HER TWEETS: Bad news Harry. You're about to become the subject of a revenge song. "Back in the studio," Swift Tweeted yesterday. "Uh oh..."


CHARLIE SHEEN PAYS PAPARAZZO'S FUNERAL EXPENSES:Say what you will about CHARLIE SHEEN and his bad behavior, but he certainly is a generous guy. First he gave LINDSAY LOHAN $100,000 to pay off her tax bill, and then he sent a $75,000 check to help a little girl fight cancer. And now, TMZ reports he cut a check for $12,000 to the family of Chris Guerra, the paparazzo who died earlier this month while trying to snap a photo of who he thought was JUSTIN BIEBER smoking a joint.

Charlie is reportedly friends with a former photographer who was Chris’ buddy, and when Charlie heard Chris’ family was trying to raise money for funeral costs, he broke out his checkbook.

CELEBRITY COURT - JUSTIN BIEBER ACCUSED OF BEATING UP BODYGUARD: JUSTIN BIEBER'S street cred has just gone up another notch.The Bieb -- who was recently photographed smoking weed -- is being sued for allegedly giving his bodyguard a beat down.   Moshe Benabou, who worked as Justin's bodyguard, claims bad-ass Bieb berated him and punched him in the chest multiple times during a disagreement.

Jason Merritt, Getty Images

Moshe is seeking unspecified damages for assault and battery, as well as $420,000 in unpaid overtime. Justin's people tell TMZ that Moshe is nothing more than a "disgruntled employee looking for money." They claim Justin hitting the hulking guard is "absurd" especially considering the fact that Moshe is an ex-member of the Israeli Army.

JAY-Z SHOWS US HIS PICS:JAY-Z posted a picture on his website of Jay-Bey's bay-bay playing Uno at the family's beautiful house in the Bahamas. Stars. They're just like us. Only with a house in the Bahamas.(Same pic lightened)


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