BRET LOCKETT WON'T TAKE BACK CLAIM OF 'AFFAIR' WITH KIM KARDASHIAN BUT ADMITS THEY'VE 'NEVER MET': While he won't take back his allegations of having a relationship with KIM KARDASHIAN, New England Patriot's BRET LOCKETT now admits he's never actually met her.

Bret admitted to HLN's Showbiz Tonight over the weekend that their alleged five-month affair was carried out over the phone and through sexting. Nonetheless, he maintains they had a "physical relationship." I'll let him explain ...

Kim continues to deny ever speaking with him.

KIM TO BRET - SEE 'YA IN COURT!: On the heels of Bret admitting to have never met her, sources close to Kim tell TMZ her lawyers spent the weekend drafting a defamation lawsuit and could file it as early as this morning. Will this force Bret to release the "evidence" he claims to have or will he produce it in court? Don't look at me, I don't know. It was a rhetorical question, dummy!!!

SPANISH TV LEAKS BRIEF SNIPPET OF 'JENNIFER LOPEZ HONYEMOON TAPE'!!!: An oh-so brief snippet of the so-called “Jennifer Lopez Honeymoon Tape” - featuring a bent over JLo exposing ... absolutely nothing - aired on a Spanish language television station over the weekend. And if that wasn’t disappointing enough,they put a “censored” sign over her rear end anyway!!!

Unless there’s more footage from this unknown Spanish source, the video will never see the light of day, since - as we reported last week - a judge has ruled Lopez has to sign off on it before it can be released. Yeah, like that'll happen!!!

WATCH IT NOW: Sex Tape news report. (--F.Y.I., it's in spanish)

BRITNEY SPEARS COULD BE TRUE COULD BE CRAP: Is BRITNEY SPEARS ready for a third walk down the proverbial aisle? According to the not-always-reliable British "Sun", Brit has secretly gotten engaged to boyfriend Jason Trawick -- even though she's technically not allowed to wed without the permission of her dad, who still controls all of her affairs, thanks to a court order.

Sources tell The Sun that Trawick - who up until last month was Britney's manager - proposed by writing a romantic poem and filling her Los Angeles mansion with candles and roses.

CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS: "Full House" twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen turn 25 today. Here's who else will be blowing out birthday candles today.

Speaking of the Olsen twins ... Is Mary-Kate hooking up with KANYE WEST???!!! E! Online claims they were seen making out at a New York City club last week. That's all they got, though. No pics, no video. Just an un-named sources word. But that's good enough for me!

KIRSTIE ALLEY'S WEIGHT GAIN HASN'T HURT HER LOVE LIFE: "Dancing with the Stars" worked wonders for Kirstie Alley's figure, but now that she's not rehearsing eight hours a day, seven-days-a-week the pounds are supposedly creeping back on. "The National Enquirer"reports Alley has gained 12 pounds since DWTS ended last month ...

But the new weight hasn't hurt her love life.  She was spotted in New York last week kissing the much younger Ted Volynets, described by the "New York Daily News" as a member of the DWTS troupe

SCARLETT/PENN COULD BE TRUE COULD BE CRAP: When we last left the he-said-she-said SCARLETT JOHANSSON - SEAN PENN split, Us Weekly was claiming Penn did the breaking up because he wasn't ready for anything serious. Today the "National Enquirer" weighs in. They say it was Scarlett who walked out because Sean was too controlling.

It supposedly all came to a head at this year's White House Correspondents' Association Dinner. Sean is said to have gotten upset over Scarlett's lack of education about politics and told her she should go to school and take a political science course. A source says that led to her becoming, quote,  "fed up with him trying to take over every aspect of her life. In the end, she wanted a mentor, not a father."

VIDEO: Watch KATY PERRY 80's themed new video, featuring cameos by 'Glee' stars and many others. WATCH IT NOW ...

RELATED: Britney Spears Covers Madonna's 80's classic "Burning Up" (--Word is Britney is planning to lip-sync sing the song on her new 'Femme Fatal' tour, which kicks off Thursday in Sacramento.)

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