CHARLIE SHEEN-ANIGANS - URGES FANS TO DELIVER DOG CRAP TO HIS DAUGHTER'S OLD SCHOOL:  You've heard the saying "fight fire with fire" right? Well, CHARLIE SHEEN is putting is own spin on it. He plans to fight bullying with vandalism.

Here's the back story: his 9-year-old daughter was supposedly bullied in school so badly last year, that he and DENISE RICHARDS were forced to take her out because they allege the school wouldn't do anything about it.

According to TMZ, a classmate made Sam's life a living hell, teasing her mercilessly about her her looks and about Charlie getting fired from "Two and a Half Men." Richards met with school officials several times but wasn't satisfied with the steps taken -- or lack thereof, to hear them tell it -- so last May Charlie and Denise pulled Sam from the school.

 So now, almost a year later, Charlie went on a Twitter rant about it, asking his Twitter followers to vandalize Sam's old school. "If you have a rotten egg, a roll of toilet paper or some dog s***t, I urge you to deliver it with 'extreme prejudice' to the campus run by trolls and charlatans. Make me proud... And if you're feeling the 'show and tell' of it all, smear the s***t to spell one name on the front door: VICTORIA. Eat that loser" (Victoria is allegedly the name of the nine-year-old who was bullying Sam.)

A rep for the school defends their actions, saying quote, "Our administrators addressed the issue appropriately last year." They've since added extra security just in case anyone decides to do Charlie a solid.

JESSE TYLER  FERGUSON SHOWS US HIS PICS: "Our awesome stand-ins: Charlie, Taylor & Steve. Last shot of #ModernFamily season 4!" It's like looking in a mirror, huh?


BEFORE AND AFTER - MATT MCCONAUGHEY: After losing a scary amount of weight to play an AIDS victim, MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY has his bangin' body back -- also for a movie role. TMZ has the before-and-after comparison.(PHOTO)

LOHAN LUNACY - PLEA DEAL OFF THE TABLE: L.A. prosecutors in the LINDSAY LOHAN lying-to-the-cops/probation-violation/obstruction-of-justice case have ended plea negotiations.

Law-enforcement sources tell TMZ that the talks broke down because Lindsay is simply unwilling to accept any punishment -- no jail time, no community service, nothing. She's apparently sticking to her story that she wasn't the one driving her Porsche last summer when it was involved in a crash on the Pacific Coast Highway. (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

The trial starts Monday ... and word from the gossip site is prosecutors will try to prove that Linds has a history of lying to the cops.  They plan to bring up two other incidents as evidence of "prior bad acts" to show "a pattern of misconduct."

The first incident dates back to May of 2007. Lindsay was busted in Beverly Hills for DUI after her Mercedes struck a curb on Sunset Blvd. She told cops she was a passenger, not the driver. (PHOTO)

The other "prior bad act happened in March of last year as Linds was leaving the Sayers Club in Hollywood. She allegedly struck a pedestrian just after midnight and drove off. She again told cops she was a passenger, not the driver. (PHOTO)

JUSTIN BIEBER PUTS LINDSAY ON BLAST, DELETES STATEMENT, THEN APOLOGIZES: One day after hitting up Instagram and mocking Lindsay Lohan, JUSTIN BIEBER say he was "wrong" to blast her in a online rant.


Early Thursday, The Bieb bragged on Instagram about how brilliant he is, saying, "It must be scary to some people to think that this is just the beginning [for me]. I know my talent level." Then he decided to drive home the point by bringing up Lindsay. "To those comparing me to Lindsay Lohan, look at her 2012 tax statements."

But after realizing how much of a bigger douch bag it made him look like ... he eventually took down that version of the post, and re-posted his statement without the Lohan remark.

"My post was only up for a few minutes, but I realized right away that what I said at the end was wrong and distracted from what I was trying to say," he told MTV News. "I immediately deleted it and re-wrote it so it would show what I was really feeling, and those words are up now. All this isn't easy. I get angry sometimes. I'm human. I'm gonna make mistakes. I'm gonna grow and get better from them."

Meanwhile ... a source tells the HollywoodLife gossip site that in response, Lindsay has been telling friends, "That [was] hurtful, but whatever -- I don’t care. F**k him."

SNAPSHOT - PENELOPE CRUZ: Man, PENELOPE CRUZ has really let herself go! And what nerve to hit the beach in a two-piece! (PHOTO) (PHOTO) Wait, what? Pregnant? Oh. Never mind.(PHOTO)

COVER SHOT: NICKI MINAJ goes without makeup in the new issue of "Elle" magazine. She called the experience "scary!" Coincidentally, that's the same word I used to describe the photos. jk. I've seen worse ...

CELEBRITY WARDROBE MALFUNCTION: GERARD BUTLER showed some plumber's crack while going through airport security. (PHOTO)

'JEOPARDY' MOCKS TAYLOR SWIFT: Here's how you know you've made it; you're a question on "Jeopardy!" Here' how you know you've made it for all the wrong reasons;  even "Jeopardy!" mocks your habit of writing songs about old boyfriends. Observe an "answer" on this past Wednesday's episode ...

In other Taylor news ... It's no secret she loves posting pictures on her social media accounts, and now, I'm afraid she'll be posting even more. Because now "we...have a photo booth backstage," she Tweeted, along with photographic evidence ...