BEYONCE SHOCKS SERBS WITH RISQUÉ CONCERT COSTUMES: She doesn’t need any help looking booty-ful, nevertheless that didn’t stop BEYONCE from enhancing her already ample assets with lots of skimpy costumes during Monday’s opening night concert of her Mrs. Carter Show world tour in Serbia. (PHOTO) (PHOTO)


The most eye-popping of the bunch was a gold sequined skin-tight leotard fitted with breast cups featuring fake over-sized nipples. (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

SELENA GOMEZ ANGERS HINDU GROUP: SELENA GOMEZ is being put on blast by the Universal Society of Hinduism for wearing a bindi symbol on her forehead during her performance at the MTV Movie Awards Sunday, on "Dancing With the Stars" last night, and on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" yesterday afternoon.

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A spokesman for the group calls the bindi "an auspicious religious and spiritual symbol," adding it's not "a fashion accessory" and that Selena shouldn't be using it "for seductive effects." They want an apology from Selena.

Speaking of Selena's "Ellen" appearance ... One of the things she and Ellen talked about was Selena getting to meet BRAD PITT after her awards show performance. Pitt asked to meet her because HE wanted to get a photo with HER. She was so freaked out, she told Ellen she ran and hid under a table after he was gone. Ellen also asked her how she was doing since her breakup with JUSTIN BIEBER. Quote, "I met Brad Pitt, I'm great."

'FAMILY GUY' TERRORISM CLIP GOES VIRAL: Did “Family Guy” really predict the Boston Marathon bombings in an episode that aired last month? Many on the World Wide Web of Government Conspiracy Theories think it did. Watch the clip and read what show creator SETH MacFARLANE thinks about it HERE.

BRADLEY COOPER LIVES WITH MOM: BRADLEY COOPER may come off as a ladies’ man, but believe it or not, he still kind of a mamma's boy. He even still lives with her. But it's not creepy or pathetic. It's actually kind of heartwarming.

Cooper tells Details magazine that his current living situation came about after his father's death two years ago. "My dad dying was brutal for all of us. Its aftershock has not stopped. And we need each other. So here we are.” And while it's "not without its complications", he says, quote, "She's a cool chick. We can hang, and she can roll with the punches."

Great. As if there weren't already enough things Bradley Cooper has over me, now the fact that I don't live with my mom counts against me, too. I hate you, Bradley Cooper! I hate you!

BABY POOP: JESSICA SIMPSON is almost ready to pop. Check out the cleavage-baring dress she wore to a wedding over the weekend. (PHOTO) Jess is due to give birth at the end of the month.

'DANCING' UPDATE: "Dancing With the Stars" sent another celebrity packing. This week it was D.L. HUGHLEY, which wasn't much of a shocker since he's been in the bottom three every week.


RELATIONSHIP REPORT - SHARON OSBOURNE NOT READY TO RETURN: SHARON OSBOURNE'S recent trip to Mexico is apparently part of an extended breather from OZZY -- according to TMZ, she's vowed not to return to him until he proves that he's sober for good. Sources say that, although Ozzy has been clean for a month and a half, that's not good enough for Sharon.

His binge lasted a year and a half, and she insists she can't handle his boozing and drug use anymore. That being said, the same sources insist that divorce is not in the cards after 31 years. One snitch says, "They've been through hell and back together. They're not breaking up."

COVER SHOT: KELLY OSBOURNE shows off her body in the new issue of "Self" magazine ...

Kelly tells the mag her secret to weight loss success is doing a minimum of a half an hour cardio a day plus 'weights, yoga [and] Pilates.' And she doesn't weight herself. Quote: "If you like what you see in front of the mirror, then what's the f**king point of getting on a scale?" Asked how she stays motivated, Kelly says the secret is looking good while working out. "I dress up for the gym," she says, "That way, when you look in the mirror you're like ''Oh, I look cute'' not 'Get me out of here.'''


LINDSAY LOHAN HASN'T CHOSEN REHAB CENTER: LINDSAY LOHAN doesn't know where she's going to do her court-ordered rehab. Although reports earlier this month had her headed to Long Island, New York's Seafield Center, she's weighing five spots around the country.

And though a number of Internet sources say that she's ruled out any facility that won't let her take her prescribed Adderall, her lawyer insists that's not the case. Linds has to check into rehab by May 2nd.