ROMANCE REPORT - JOHN MAYER, KATY PERRY TOGETHER AGAIN: Maybe JOHN MAYER didn't dump KATY PERRY via e-mail after all because they were together Saturday night at a music festival in Los Angeles. Festival-goes report the two were dancing and, quote, "stealing kisses" while they watched various bands. They even posed for this picture that ended up online ...

And here's a shot someone hit up Twitter with of the two of them enjoying the music ...

The Hollywood Life gossip site claims they did split, but reunited after Perry began drunk texting Mayer late at night. That supposedly opened the doors of communication between them, which led to their night out over the weekend.

KIM KARDASHIAN'S DREAM DENIED - NO STAR ON HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME: KIM KARDASHIAN'S dream of getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame won't be coming true anytime soon. A rep for the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce says reality stars such as Kim are, quote, "not on our radar right now."

"Part of criteria in being honored is receiving awards such as Emmys, SAG Awards, Oscars, etc. in the category of television, live-stage performance or motion pictures," the dream-killing rep told the Hollywood Reporter. "They have to have a career in the business of acting for five years or more."

SEAL INSINUATES HEIDI CHEATED, THEN TAKES IT BACK: SEAL is denying TMZ’s claim that he accused estranged wife HEIDI KLUM of cheating on him with her bodyguard of four years, Martin Kristen.

A TMZ camera crew caught up with Seal over the long holiday weekend and asked him how he felt about reports Heidi was getting close to Martin. He replied, "Look boys, that's what happens when two people separate. They move on and that generally means [they have] other people in their lives.  I guess the only thing I would have preferred is that. . . Heidi show a little bit more class and at least wait until we separated first before deciding to fornicate with the help, as it were. But I guess you now all have the answer that you've been looking for for the past seven months."

But the next day Seal claimed his words were misconstrued. "Seal would like to clarify that he was not implying his wife was cheating while they were together, but he was merely pointing out that their separation and divorce were not final and they are still legally married,” said a rep for the singer.

As for Heidi, she released a statement saying in part, “Our separation was based on issues between the two of us. Seal has moved on and so have I."

BRITNEY SPEARS SHOWS US HER PICS: Her mental state may be in question, but BRITNEY SPEARS still appears to be in fine physical shape. Brit Tweeted out the above bikini pic over the weekend, with the caption, “Having some fun in the sun…don’t want summer to be over!”


COULD BE TRUE, COULD BE CRAP - LEANN RIMES WAS WORRIED HUBBY WAS CHEATING: LEANN RIMES voluntarily checked herself into rehab last week to deal with emotional issues, but was it the state of her marriage she was emotional over?

Sources tell Radaronline that before she checked into treatment, LeAnn was worried hubby Eddie Cibrian may have been stepping out on her. An so-called insider claims LeAnn had been telling friends she grew concerned after Eddie went out several times without her.

“LeAnn called a friend of hers a few weeks ago sobbing hysterically about Eddie going out,” the insider told the gossip site. “She was home for the weekend and he didn’t stay in with her and she was crying saying that she was so worried about what he was doing when he wasn’t with her.”

LeAnn and Eddie, you may recall, cheated on each other's respective spouses while filming a movie together a few years ago.

CELEBRITIES BEHAVING BADLY - NICHOLAS CAGE: NICOLAS CAGE rented a couple of movies from an L.A. video store back in April and never returned them. So after months of trying to get a hold of him, the store took to its Facebook page and asked fans to help hunt him down.

"If anyone happens to run into Nicolas Cage wandering the neighborhood, please kindly remind him he's had [our DVD's] for a few months," they wrote. And it worked. The post shamed prompted Nic into returning the movies, and paying the $244.48 cents in late fees he racked up.

MAZEL TOV! ELISHA CUTHBERT ENGAGED: ELISHA CUTHBERT announced on Twitter Sunday that she has gotten engaged to boyfriend of 4 years, Toronto Maple Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf. “Happily, happily, happily, happily engaged!" the 29-year-old wrote. Elisha currently stars in ABC's 'Happy Endings,' but is probably best known for playing Kim Bauer on FOX's '24'.

R.I.P. - MICHAEL CLARKE DUNCAN: "Green Mile" star MICHAEL CLARKE DUNCAN died yesterday morning. He was 54 years old. Michael had suffered a heart attack back on July 13th, and never fully recovered. Duncan's other films included "Armageddon" and "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby".