LAMAR ODOM'S ALLEGED MISTRESS APOLOGIZES TO KHLOE KARDASHIAN: The woman who says she had a year-long affair with LAMAR ODOM wants wifey KHLOE KARDASHIAN to know she feels remorse for sleeping with her husband. “I’m sorry,” Jennifer Richardson tells Khloe via Star magazine. “Lamar led me to believe his marriage was just a business arrangement.” Then, with her feelings of regret and guilt apparently over, Richardson spilled more details about her tryst with the NBA baller.


Like how things got so serious, Lamar wanted to start a family with her. “Lamar talked a lot about having a baby with me,” she said. “It was something that he badly wanted, and I wanted it too, because I loved him so much. I don’t know what would have happened had I gotten pregnant.”

Jennifer also warned Khloe she wasn’t Lammie's only side action. “I’m not the only woman; there have been many,” she tells the tab. “I just happened to be around the longest.” In spite of  the ratchet chick's claims and her assertion that she has proof of the year long affair, Khloe has stayed by Odom’s side and has not publicly addressed the allegations.

CORY MONTEITH CREMATED: CORY MONTEITH'S body was cremated following a private viewing on Tuesday for family members and his girlfriend, LEA MICHELE. One family member who wasn't invited, however, was Cory's estranged father Joe Monteith.

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Joe tells TMZ he is "devasted" that he was not given the chance to pay his respects, and "shocked" that his son died from a drug overdose. According to the New York Daily News, Cory's mother Ann McGregor decided to hold the viewing at the hospital with only Michele and Monteith's brother, Shaun, present.

EMOTIONAL JANE LYNCH TALKS ABOUT CORY ON TONIGHT SHOW: A visibly upset JANE LYNCH stopped by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night (Wednesday) and got a little emotional while speaking in remembrance of her "Glee" co-star Cory Monteith ...

DENISE RICHARDS WANTS PERMANENT CUSTODY OF CHARLIE SHEEN'S SONS: DENISE RICHARDS currently has temporary custody of CHARLIE SHEEN'S twin boys, Bob and Max, but she’s hoping to make the situation more permanent.


Radaronline reports that a custody hearing will be held in two weeks and Denise plans to move to get permanent custody of the kids, whose mother Brooke Mueller has a history of drug problems. Charlie, father of Denise’s daughters Lola and Sam, fully supports Richards getting custody of the boys.

Charlie, by the way, is a grandpa. Sheen's 28-year-old daughter Cassandra Estevez gave birth to a baby girl she named Luna Wednesday. Cassandra is Charlie's daughter with high school sweetheart Paula Speert.

RUMOR FIX - MARRIAGE AND BABIES DIDN’T CAUSE CLOONEY/KEIBLER BREAKUP: Contrary to all the gossip site rumors, STACY KEIBLER says she and GEORGE CLOONEY did not break up because she was looking to get married and make babies. "That's the last thing on my mind. I don’t really think about that right now.," Keibler told Good Morning America.  "We didn't discuss that." She didn't discuss why exactly they ended their two year relationship, but did confirm the breakup was amicable.

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SNAPSHOT: Would you like to see HALLE BERRY'S wedding band? (PHOTO) Here's a closer look at the emerald engagement ring (PHOTO)