There is nothing that makes me madder than seeing some of our most amazing historic downtown buildings in the hands of Billy Abraham. He has owned these architectural treasures for decades and had let them rot to the point that they will need major renovation to bring them back to life. For so many years, he has just sat on the properties and let any hope die of them being sold to someone who could renovate them.

But no more. I wish I could be nice about this, but I can't.

Eleven properties owned by Billy Abraham will be sold in a Sheriff's sale next month to satisfy a debt he owes to the family of the late Juan Gabriel. Gabriel performed in a 2015 El Paso concert that was promoted by Abraham. When Gabriel died, his estate sued Abraham for $1 million. To pay that judgement against him, a judge has ordered Abraham's properties to be sold.

Oh, please God, please let someone with a lot of money and a thirst for saving historic buildings buy them.

There are some homes and what appears to be a plot of land for sale, but some reason, the Kress building, which is my favorite Abraham owned property, is not on the list. I keep buying lottery tickets so I can grab that amazing building, but the lottery gods have not been kind.

These are the downtown properties that will be sold, so break open your piggy bank:

The Toltec Building, 717 E. San Antonio

The Caples Building, 300 E. San Antonio

J. J. Newberry Building, 201 N. Stanton

Chinese Laundry Building, 212 W. Overland

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