On Friday, I spent the day with Darren and his folks at one of the coolest places in the city, the Wyler Aerial Tramway.  I've lived in El Paso all but 10 of my 45 years, and I've never been on the Tramway, but now, it's something I want to do alot!

The afternoon started off at Dairy Queen for lunch.  Darren's dad turned 72 and he wanted a chicken fingers basket (I love a cheap date!).  We were driving them back to their house when we saw the cables of the Tramway leading up the mountain and decided to go.  I'm not a big fan of heights, but the ride was so smooth and quick, and the view was so breathtaking, that I can't imagine why everyone doesn't go.  You can check out all the details about the Tramway and prices here.  The pictures really can't do justice to the view because we had the glare of the sun to deal with.

We also stopped at the Animal Services Shelter to check out the puppies and kitties.  Darren's dad wants  a cat, so we thought we'd stop there.  As you know, I believe cats eat people's faces, so rather than go into the face-eating cat area, I hung out with the cute puppy in the picture*.  He was a doll and was adopted that day by a loving family.  If you're looking for a pet, please try Animal Services or The Humane Society first!


* I know, I know, cats don't eat people's faces.  (but they do!)