Every once in a while, you run across a great little place that may not be as well known as it should be.  That's what I call a Hidden El Paso Gem.  It might be a cool place to take your kids, or a great date night getaway.  In this case, it's a fabulous northeast diner, The New Clock Restaurant.

Darren turned me on to this oasis in the desert a few years ago.  It is a true diner, meaning, they serve everything on their menu all day long, including breakfast!  That's what we were there for - a little sustenance after an adult beverage filled night! 

The New Clock has been around for about 60 years.  It has been owned for the last 10 of those years by the Hernandez's, Adriana and her husband Fernando.  Adriana was an accountant and her husband was cooking at another restaurant when they heard the New Clock was available.  They bought it, and along with their daughter, Liliana, have been wowing the packed house ever since.  And when I say packed, I mean packed.  Darren and I were there Saturday morning around 11:30, and the only table in the house was back in the waaaaay back, and we were happy to get it!  Everything on the menu is made from scratch, so if you're looking for pre-packaged, plastic fast food, keep looking.  These guys are actually cooking in the kitchen, and let me tell you, they are doing it right!

If you are tired of staring at a menu of pre-cooked, microwaved, chain restaurant blandness, head out to 8409 Dyer and check out the New Clock Restaurant.  And thank the Hernandez's on your way out for a great El Paso meal at this Hidden El Paso Gem!

If you have a Hidden El Paso Gem that you'd like to tell me about, email me at tricia@ksii.com  and I'll check it out!