If you spent any time on Facebook this weekend, you probably saw some of your friends posting 'Me, too.' as their status. They're doing that to call attention to the problem of sexual harassment and sexual assault. It is all part of the fallout from the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

One of the most harrowing instances of sexual harassment that ever happened to me took place about twenty years ago. I was in line at a fast food restaurant when a guy made a really obscene gesture at me from a few feet away. He was standing in the parking lot and I was in my vehicle, but the ugliness of what he did and the disgusting look on his face terrified me. My youngest son saw the gesture, but at five years old, he didn't understand what it was, thank God. I was between two cars in line and couldn't immediately get away, but when I did, I struggled to not cry in front of my son. When I got home, I ran to the bathroom and cried for fifteen minutes. The entire incident probably happened in two minutes.

To this day, I can still see that guy's face and see the ugliness in his eyes. I hope that by calling attention to the kind of harassment and abuse women deal with on a day-to-day basis that my granddaughters won't have stories of their own to share.

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