Alright, now lately I have noticed a lot of pictures of a particular lady that is apparently scamming locals. Now I don't know who she is and have never seen her before, but never say never, right?

Well, you know it is bad when not just one but many more locals seem to be talking about the same issue.

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There are different people left and right in El Paso talking about a lady who sells empanadas.

Now apparently this lady hops all over the place but seems like her common ground is the Northeast area. An El Paso woman caught something of what others maybe never paid attention to.

She hangs out at different spots in El Paso selling bags of empanadas for just $4. So here you think you're just paying $4 when people have been saying she will allegedly, unknowingly being charged extra.

So, an El Paso woman came forward to spread the word that became a hit on The Real Fit Fam El Paso's Instagram.

It was pretty much a storytelling session from not one but many other El Pasoans. Do you want to know what they all had in common? The locals that shared their experiences with the empanada bandit were jipped. Panda Perez had shared her experience and even managed to film it all on video.

After she shared this to warn the El Paso community tons of other locals came forward.

Apparently from the comments on Panda's video, this empanada lady really hustles by sweet-talking you and with force. If you choose to buy her empanadas, make sure you pay the exact amount in cash or more for those who leave a tip.

But one thing is for sure she sure does have the hustle for quite a few people to come forward. Just saying.

Have you ever been approached by the empanada bandit? Share your answer in the poll below.

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