El Paso City Council pulled a pretty surprising move yesterday when it put the brakes on the way City Rep Larry Romero and City Manager Tommy Gonzalez conduct business at the city.

Gonzalez will be on vacation next week, but city reps asked him to appoint a temporary replacement to serve for the next three weeks, including two of the weeks the city is closed for the holidays.

Gonzalez would still be in charge while City Hall is closed at the end of the year.

Gonzalez was also told to not travel out of the city on speaking engagements during an investigation into his actions regarding the city’s abandoned attempt at replacing its current financial advisor with one that Romero used to work for. Council also directed Gonzalez to not make any major employment decisions.

As for Romero, he was asked to resign as Chairman of the City's Financial Oversight and Audit Committee and as alternate Mayor Pro-Tempore, as well as step down from the Rio Grande Council of Governments.

Mayor Oscar Leeser appointed Romero to the financial oversight committee and could replace him by appointing someone else if Romero won’t step aside.

The City Council also agreed to have the Ethics Commission review if it was appropriate for Romero's private business to prepare Gonzalez's personal income taxes.

It seems as though Council is working on making sure the shenanigans that these two have quickly become known for come to a stop. Good work, Council!

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