Thanksgiving is right around the corner, but for student at one east El Paso school, it’s not just about family, Thanksgiving is about helping out their community.

‘Hanksgiving’ began at Hanks High School in 2001 when the school’s student council gathered blankets and other items to put together ten baskets that were distributed to families in need. The students wanted to do more, and over the years, they have grown from helping ten to eighty to over five hundred families.

In the weeks leading up to Hanksgiving, Hanks Student Advisor Monica Lopez takes phone calls from people who are reaching out to be put on the list for a Thanksgiving basket. Students help identify families in need from other schools, as well. Students say working to help put together Hanksgiving makes them grateful for what they have and gives them the chance to say they helped their community.

If you would like to help Hanksgiving organizers with a donation, you can drop off your donations of turkeys, yams, stuffing, and more, at these locations:

November 11th – Walmart on Saul Kleinfeld from 9am to 2pm
November 12th – Walmart at Cielo Vista from 9am to 2pm

You can also contact Monica Lopez, Monday thru Friday at 915-434- 5014. Hanks also has a GoFundMe page for Hanksgiving donations.

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