An El Paso woman is facing the same exact fear as Green Bay Packers Running Back Aaron Jones. A while back ago Aaron Jones needed help finding his necklace that contain his late father's ashes. Luckily, one of the staff members found the locket and returned it back to Aaron Jones respectively.

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Now if something like that happened to you, you know your world would feel as if it were crashing down. Well, an El Paso woman is going through the same situation as Aaron Jones.

Cynthia Salcedo shared some sad details on Facebook about her unfortunate news on the Support Local El Paso Facebook page trying to spread the word and ask for help. She mentioned she always wears her locket and NEVER takes it off.

The other day she had realized she was missing her necklace with the locket containing her late son's ashes. The last place she can recall the last time she felt it on was ar Vista off Doniphan Drive.

via Cynthia Salcedo
via Cynthia Salcedo Facebook

The picture Cynthia Salcedo is letting me share with you is what the necklace looks like. So if you have seen this necklace please reach out to Cynthia Salcedo's post on Facebook's Support Local group.

Sure you can replace a necklace, but not when it is like Aaron Jones' or Cynthia Salcedo's irreplaceable charm. Hopefully, Cynthia Salcedo has the same kind of luck as Aaron Jones did. So if you can help her out, please help share and spread the word to help her be reunited with her son's ashes.

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