It takes one viral spark to ignite a social media fire. Many artists and weirdos never know what will go viral but do try to recreate some things that have worked for others.

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Independent band Our Last Night decided to merge the Disney fandom with metal music to create heavy metal covers of Disney classics. Obviously, mixing Disney with anything will get you some attention. The issue is it may be with fans or it may be with lawyers on behalf of Disney.

As a Disney lover and heavy music lover, this is a perfect blend, in my opinion. I know my brother would hate this and I like to say he is the OG rocker of the family, yet I know I am not alone. I work with at least three other people who would be in the front row if these dudes ever performed these songs live in El Paso.

Don't give up on these covers just because it is metal music. Give all three a listen and do not fight that groove that comes with them. Then finish up and jam out to all of them in one YouTube video.

First up we have an iconic Lion King song mashup.

@olnbandlion king *full vid n bio ##lionking ##disney ##simba ##tiktokmusic ##foryou ##foryoupage

♬ original sound - Our Last Night

More of a Pixar person? They have you covered with this cover of Toy Story's theme song, 'You Got a Friend in Me.'

TOY STORY goes heavy! *full vid in bio ##tiktokmusic ##toystory ##disney ##fyp ##fy

♬ original sound - Our Last Night

Last but not least, the iconic Little Mermaid's 'Under the Sea' will get you the greatest of moods and maybe make you push a kid from excitement.

Next time you are around a child, invite them to listen to these covers and open up the pit to all of their covers.

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